Hear what our wonderful customers have to say about FLG:

“FLG have been very helpful and it's been refreshing to find a software house that are so flexible in their approach.

Having control over the process and flow of leads, ensures that the right people get them straight away - this certainly helps aid conversion.”


“FLG has made capturing and managing data easy with excellent web tools and easily managed workflows which has greatly improved our sales process.

FLG also provided fantastic support which allowed us to expand our business quickly and efficiently.”

TFS Loans

“The support staff have all been fantastic, with excellent product knowledge. They are always happy to help and overall we are very pleased with this lead management service.”

Mark King Properties

“Using FLG has allowed us to rapidly expand our business during the past two years by providing a stable and flexible platform in which to manage the distribution of leads we generate.

Our clients appreciate the features available to them via their portal.”


“Having a friendly, dedicated account manager with excellent product knowledge and willingness to help made the project run very smoothly.”

Fred Olsen Travel

“FLG have revolutionised our lead system by providing a more efficient and user-friendly solution. The extensive range of functions has helped us to increase our contact rate substantially.

Their friendly staff are polite and always on hand to offer support and implementation of new ideas.”

Gladstone Brookes

“From using e-mail leads which were each printed out and filed away, using FLG is helping us move to the 21st century!

FLG support have been really helpful and their patience helped us fully utilise the software.”

BQ Watches

“The FLG team have been extremely attentive to our individual requirements, it has been a massive surprise at just our tailored their system and assitance can be.

Out of all the other lead management systems we have tried i cannot stress how comfortable the transition has been from our old system to FLG, without their expertise and assistance this change would have been anything but smooth.”

Quotes to Compare

“Since taking FLG in August 2011 the level of service we have received has been outstanding.

We have previously used a number of systems, none of which provided the off the shelf functionality or the personal touch of the technical team at FLG.”

Inside Online

“FLG has exceeded our expectations. Our team are now able to see up-to-date information about our leads immediately.

The FLG support team have always been accommodating and bent over backwards to help us meet our demands.”

Log Book Loans 247

“FLG quickly captures, updates and distributes leads to different locations while handling communication and decisions on our applications.”


“FLG has truly exceeded our expectations on what we thought we would get out of the software and how our relationship would be with the guys behind it.

I thank everyone at FLG for their support and a great system that we simply couldn't function without.”


“Three simple words. Simplicity, Flexibility, Functionality. The simplicity of FLG makes training new staff easy with few client facing errors.

Flexibility allows us to provide several different services on the same platform.

Functionality means our clients are kept fully informed of our process with little or no extra man hours.”

Future Proof Insurance

“We have used the services of FLG for some considerable time. It is phenomenal case management software without which The Legal Company could not possibly operate.

This is combined with a back up service from individuals such as Raqia which is second to none.”

The Legal Company

“FLG has enabled us to manage, maintain and distribute substantial volumes of leads, effortlessly.

It is extremely versatile, customisable workflows provide high levels of automation and it’s reporting features allow us to monitor every aspect of our business.”

Love Leads

“I have found FLG to be a great system that takes care of lead management from start to finish.

Not to say the team are FANTASTIC and very HELPFUL. 10 out 10 for performance, service and solution.”

Compensation Claims Network

“The customer side of FLG is unbelievably contactable and always return their calls. I feel we have good banter and the system does everything it says on the tin. We have recommended your services to a number of contacts and will continue doing so.”


“The functionality within FLG has really allowed us to empower our Colleagues to get the most out of every conversation and transaction with our Customers.

We truly couldn’t be happier with the software and certainly the friendly, helpful support we receive from the support team.”


“FLG has revolutionised our business, it's at the core of how we operate. I don't know what we did without it!

Support is second to none, and the customisation is limitless! The best CRM system i've ever come across!”

Youth Travel Marketing

“The transition was nearly seamless, and what could have been a massive dent in our business became a positive event.

The customer service and helpfulness of the staff was exemplary and we still receive follow up calls offering helpful hints to get the most out of our new CRM system.”

Cavendish Equity Release

“Not only did FLG offer all the features that we required but we found the solution to be excellent value for money.

Also, the service we have received while setting up the solution and after we went live was excellent.”

Finishing Touch Cars

“It is so easy to manage and report on leads, FLG will automatically distribute and contact the lead details accordingly.

Even when a problem suddenly arises, any of the friendly FLG team will help me - if the problem at hand is quite difficult, it will take the member of staff just minutes to help me!”

Credit Car Sales

“Without FLG it would be impossible for us to effectively manage the flow of leads and claims to and from our websites, call centres and partner solicitors...”


“Support is completely amazing, everyone I have dealt with is very helpful and very friendly.

It's some of the best support I have had experience of using.”

Retirement Solutions